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Every person has enough talent to grow and be successful but they don;t have any platform to learn and explore their capabilities. University of Success, Islamabad is providing these people platform to interact, learn and grow to achieve maximum in life. Our aim is to make you all successful in the fields you like by identifying your true potential and then ensuring that you have right tools to reach top in your specialized field. We will help by:

Life Coaching

We all know what to do in life but only few do what they know. Knowing things is not enough but doing thing can make a better life. Life coaching session will teach you how to life a passionate life within your resources, balancing life and learning to enjoy your life your way.

Leadership Development

Leadership is influence, nothing less nothing more. In your life where ever you go and what ever you do, you will be required to display your leadership qualities. Weather you are junior officer in a bank, executive in telecom sector, Social scientist, Doctor, Engineer or even House Wife. you are a leader and you are going to lead someone in one way or other. We will teach you world top leadership tools to make you successful in professions.

Career Management

Finding the right career is most difficult thing. Most of us adopt professions given or chosen by our parents and we suffer all life. UoSI will help you to identify your passion. After all, if you are following your passion you always create master pieces. With experts in market we will enable you to choose the right career, how to grow magnificently in your career path how to handle issues at office and how to reach the top positions in shortest time.
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Asif. A. Malik

Vlogger, Writer, Co-Founder at University of Success

Dr. Tuba

Dermatologist, Certified John Maxwelll Coach and Motivational Speaker

Mehvish Khokhar

Motivational Speaker

Khadija Kiran

Freelancer & Creative Blogger

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